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March 20, 2011


Julie Forslev

Yay, it's great to see an update! Looks like a great place to have a retreat. Congrats on taking your business in a new and better direction for you! :)

Mary Flynn

I miss your posting....more often please. Even miss seeing your visits at my blog.


A Lifetime movie huh? That always makes me think of Nineteen Wives. Or Nineteenth Wife or whatever it's called LOL.

Sorry to hear about the shop. But good news for us maybe? See you here more often???

Looks like you had a fun retreat. Would have loved to see that nine-patch technique in person 'cause I totally don't get it LOL!


So glad you're back! I was about to give up on your blog, but not now!


Good luck with the next phase ......gotta love stitching get aways.....always fun...that nine patch quilt looks interesting!!! confusing...but interesting! Great area for retreats....!

Lasik surgery

Wow I guess this isn't easy to do, that quilt looks very nice, how many hours she spent to do that? I wish luck n your project, wait for good news from you.


That retreat looks so much fun!


Hey Karen! I was in your neck of the woods this weekend at a horse show - spent the night in Fergus Falls. Unfortunately, didn't roll in until after 8 pm Saturday evening and left about noon on Sunday, so no time to shop or explore. And yes, it was absolutely foggy and drizzly and just plain gross yesterday - glad you were able to enjoy it by the fire. I hope you'll start posting to your blog more often - I've missed you.


So nice to see a post :)

Kathy :)

Weekend Cowgirl

Beautiful quilt! Looks like fun time...


I am glad to see your post! I have missed your decorating and recipes! Good luck with your newest venture.

Allyson in Alaska

Man alive, I am confused just looking at the Blooming Nine Patch. The end result is gorgeous though.

I love the Trip Around the World quilt Nancy made and was wondering if you could ask her the source of her pattern? Any info would be great!

Thanks and good to see a new post from you!

Louise Murphy

Wonderful photos looks like a good time was had by all. Any leads on the Nine Patch technique or pattern? I have a college graduation coming up and am wondering is grand daughter needs yet one more quilt...
Recipe sounds good! Nice to have you back! Don't go away anymore okay??


Hellooooo Dahling! I was thinking about my little quilted Easter Eggs this morning and missing you! Hope all is well!!!


What a COOL place for a retreat! Makes me want to look around for an old church.... The blooming nine-patch is awesome and that joining technique is so novel. I'd really appreciate more information on that if possible. I've been wanting to tackle one of these but trying to organize all those nine-patches had put me off. This method looks like it takes the problem of organizing out of the equation. Hope to hear more from you.

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