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April 01, 2012


Karen Beigh

We used to eat at a restaurant in Texas that served a dessert much like Baked Alaska. It was served in small clay flower pots. I always had to have one.
The Peeps are or have been working on some wonderful projects. It is always a thrill to see all their projects. Never a bad one in the bunch.
What has happened to Ms. Faye? I haven't read a post from her in ages.

Christine Rohloff

Enjoyed thepictures,as always. You have very talented and productive friends. Thank them for sharing with us! Happy spring! Christine


Great show and tell... thank you for sharing :o) And boy, I know all about those turkeys. They come right into my back yard too. Ugly is right!

If you have any garden questions, you can always ask me. Wisconsin and Minnesota have very similar plants and climate, and I have had a lot of gardening experience :o)

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I don't think I'd like those ugly turkeys hanging around my door. Your friends are very talented, I always enjoy the pictures.


Those turkey's are impressive, but not very pretty! Here in the NW, I have a bald eagle's nest in my back yard and I so enjoyed watching them this year. The little one's have just started flying!
I love the red work ABC quilt. I've been wanting to do that one in red and green, but have yet to start it. Seems to take me a year or two to finish one of her quilts!
Tell Ms.Faye to start blogging again...she is missed!
Good to have you back!


Inspirational post Karen, as always! Just what I needed to inspire me this morning:)
I love seeing all the projects your groups are working on and what a fun time for everyone to get together-keep em comin!


Awww, poor Mr. Farmhouse is in need of an airing on the blog LOL. Put him on here!!! Hey -- how 'bout we make a series of Mr. Farmhouse posters ala Hey Girl on Pinterest ROFLOL!!!!

And would you look at all that woolie inspiration! Some beautiful projects going on there. I Love that Crabapple ABC quilt too. And Just Look -- you and Mr. Farmhouse are all ready for Thanksgiving!


que c'est beau!!! tout est magnifique, merci merci


Susie Delewese

This post had some beautiful eye candy as usual...not counting those turkeys. I think that's so cool but crazy though that they're hanging out at your door. I bet you made the mistake of feeding them once. lol Don't they leave you a lot of little presents on your patio?
Hey, thanks for the plug to my eBay. You're great.


Great post--- Those are some talented girls you run with...I've really enjoyed swapping snapshots on pinterest....Your wool stitches are beautiful....


Wow! I am in project envy! Thanks for all the photo inspiration and eye candy.


Man oh man have you been busy over there. I love all the show and tell. Very inspiring. I am with you sister, those turkeys are BUTT UGLY!!!!!!!!!! Ok the BUTT was my word but I know you agree. We have them here too and they are just as ugly in Missouri. lolol


Hi There! New to your blog and really enjoyed my visit here. What a wonderful day of show and tell, and I got a real kick out of those turkeys! I have nature LOVING children, and they would go nuts to have something like that at our back door. We live in a big city, but they would love to be closer to nature!

My Mom is coming over tonight to do our annual egg dying tradition, and I'm making your beef casserole to serve for supper. Looks wonderful and I can't wait to try it. I just love to find recipes on quilt blogs. Have a blessed day!!

Brooke from Texas

PS - I've always wanted a dachsie. I had an aunt who always owned them and I think they are really darling. Yours sure has a sweetheart face! :-)


Ok, you've reminded me that I have a kit for the "Primitive Gatherings" bunny wallhanging. I'll be digging it out today to start working on it! It's so cute! It won't be done this year for Easter but at least I'll have it for next year. lol

Ellen from Maryland

Beautiful life you live! Much appreciation for you and your family and friends!

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