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April 18, 2013



Sweet stitchery. Yes, I always use a pillow under my arm when I'm hand stitching. It helps a lot.

Sandy F

Your quilt looks fabulous! The quilting perfect.
I can't believe how fast your "nest" is coming along. Sure wished I lived closer to take in all of the fun things your are planning on doing. I will just drool from a distance. Your stitchery is adorable. Have a great weekend.
See ya soon

Debbie Leschisin

Thanks for the recipes. I have made previous recipes that you have posted. Great quilt, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more of your building progression.


Oh Karen I love your stitchery...why didn't I think to save that one...I have a million old Am Patchwork and Quilting...can't wait to see it grow. Things are moving really fast at your house.

Gypsy Rose

luv, luv your blog and am always awaiting a new post.

What fabric is the pattern ironed on (printed on)?
The star fabric is really nice but was a bit confused as to how it will all fit together.

I was in awe of your new farmhouse and sewing/quilting space, but do love your new (and future bunkhouse)vision. May your blessing continue to grow.


Who designed the Saltbox pattern. Google search quotes you saying it's a Geoff's Mom pattern, but it's not on her website, and sure doesn't look like her work.


LOVE that sampler quilt. The finishing is wonderful! Can't believe you're still having snow. What a strange spring all over the country!


Love how your quilt turned out!

Audrey Bretz

I made the chicken noodle casserole yesterday and boy, was it yummy! Everyone liked it a lot and said it was a keeper. Thanks for the link!

Sew Create It - Jane

Lovely stitchery! Can I ask, what stitch are you using and what is the film the design is printed on? Is it a wash away type product?


Are you going to kit up the Salt Box quilt? I sure would be interested.

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