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April 26, 2013


Paulette Doyle

Wow!! Your studio is looking AMAZING!! BUT what's with all the snow!! OUCH!! Won't be long before you'll be sewing in that HUGE, bright and gorgeous room!! Who cares that there is snow on the ground...right?


Wow, the Clubhouse is coming along nicely. What a wonderful space. I can't believe how much snow you still have on the ground! Yikes, long winter!
Have a happy day!


I so enjoyed the slideshow of the new nest! What fantastic fun is going to happen in a place like that!!! I'll keep checking my mailbox for my invite, lol

Debbie Leschisin

Can't believe how quickly the "clubhouse" is progressing. Looks great from the exterior too, which is sometimes difficult to do with an addition...


I sure wished I lived allot closer to you Karen - it'd be allot of fun to come visit you & your clubhouse when it's all finished! I bet its going to be great once it's all finished...and i can't wait to try your dessert, thanks for sharing!


Wow Woman -- you're hiking right along on the addition -- looks like great progress -- how exciting! I love the deer photo at the end too -- funny how they're all standing in the area where there's no snow -- maybe their little feet get cold LOL!


Thanks for posting pics of your addition. I've been dying to know how it's been coming along. With your great decorating taste, it's going to be beautiful. Keep posting those pics! Looking forward to seeing the finished results.

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