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April 21, 2013



Why do I always like your version better than mine? I still don't see the boo boo... Love your blocks. Can't wait to see them all pulled together.


I must confess im no quilter ( a wannabe tho ) but i just cant find the booboo and i have a headache from squinting my eyes lol
Ally x


I am also working on Brackman's Civil War quilt, but mines offered from Primitive Gathering's as a BOM & so far so good, I'm keeping up with it too! And yes, the blocks do get more harder with each one...have fun with yours! Can't wait to see yours finished (and how you finish it!)

Karen Perry

Im sorry Ally - I had fixed it and the retook the picture. Ive corrected my blog to state that now so no one gets a headache lol.

To: kaboperry@hotmail.com


Looking great, Karen. I wish I had the book and I'd join in from the sidelines. I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines.

May Britt

Great blocks Karen :) And how fun it will be to sew this quilt together with your friend. I have this book too, and have thought many a time to start sewing this quilt. But have not started yet. Have to look at this book again now :)

Sue watters

I did this on line with BB before the book was out. I used to sew ( excuse the pun)look forward to around midday on a Saturday in the UK when the block was on the site.
Due to personnel reasons I fell off the wagon by week 25 but it still made up to a nice quilt.
Good luck I shall look forward to seeing what you both do !!!


Well, I have faith that you will finish, but I'm laughing anyway. Holy Cow -- why don't you girls pick something that's a little harder LOL. I LOVE your fabrics! Off to check out Anne's!

Robbie Gillette

Looks nice. . . I love following your blog and seeing all your projects & decorating. . .it encourages me to get busy on my stuff. .. didn't you say something about getting a new couch awhile back? When I ordered mine a few years ago it took 4 months - I started calling them every week after 3 months to see if that might hurry things up. . . nope. . . haha


you both have great blocks, but don't tell Anne....I like yours best!

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