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June 09, 2013



I am a lot like you. I used to comment a lot, but lately have been more of a lurker. I love to read blogs and glean all the beautiful inspiration. But sometimes there are so many to read I just don't have time to leave comments ;-) I have noticed a drop in comments on my blog as well, so I'm wondering if this is happening across blog land?


Definitely a lurker. Love to look everyone's quilty projects, but feel like I don't have much to show :) Life keeps me busy and by the end of the day I just wnat to look -> takes less effort ;)


I tend to be more of a lurker. I read so many different blogs that it would be hard to comment on every one.

Shirley Berryhill

LURKER!!! If I stay on one site two long I would be buying. Have two much now, but still think I could use more. Love Pam's new collection. Thanks


Oh I have to admit that I'm a pure lurker. I really enjoy looking everyone's quilty projects and they inspire me that I have hard time catching up so many unfinished projects and have more projects on my wishlist. :) I used to have my own knitting blog and stopped after my sister's passing 5 years ago. Love your newest studio!!!


Hmm I am some of both. I comment more and more each day as time permits


I am totally a lurker. I love getting ideas from other people.


Guess I'm a little of both....I try to comment often as I know when I posted on the Civil War Bride & Glorious Applique blogs I always love to read the comments I get. I always enjoy all the pictures that the bloggers post, such inspiration.

Linda C

I am a lurker. I love to see what everyone else is working on and can always find a new idea that I would like to try.


I'm a lurker, love looking at everyone's houses and "projects"

Mary Kastner

I'm definitely more of a lurker. Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win.


I am definately a "lurker"!! It is always to see what other people are doing!


I am a little of both, depending on how much time I have. I continue to see quilts that I want to make and my list grows and grows!



I lurk more than I post because often I find that after the fifth or sixth comment, everything I would say has already been said. Maybe I should just start leaving comments that say "What they said." LOL


I'm a commenter. I actually comment on every blog I read. Oh hahahahaha... Just kidding. Can you imagine how long that would take? Love the shelves full of wool. ahhhh, heaven!


I am mostly a lurker. There are quite a few quilt blogs that I like to read. Commenting takes up more of my time. I do comment some occasionally but not on every blog that I read.I love looking at all the eye candy and getting inspiration.

Doris Rushing

I am mostly a lurker, but, I will occasionally comment, if I have something to contribute. I would love to win the North Star pattern and the fabric! You can never have too much, right???

I am loving the look of your new nest!

Mona Redlich

"What Monica said..." LOL Definitely a lurker for that reason. Thanks for the offer of the giveaway. :)
Mona R


I'm a lurker. I love all the inspiration I get from all the wonderful blogs out there. Love your new sewing space inside and out looks great. Thanks for the chance to win.


Well,up until recently, I was a lurker only. Like you, I tend to look at blogs and quilting sites when I finally put my feet up for the night!!! Way to tired to chat or make comments. That being said, I do VERY much appreciate people's blogs, pictures, and inspiration...that I have actually commented back to a few. Just want to thank them and let them know they are appreciated.


A little of both I think. Lately there haven't been enough hours in day for many visits or comments. The fabric is lovely and the pattern too cute. I'd love to have my name thrown in the bowl.


Looker -- oh I mean lurker! I love keeping up with the latest, getting decorating ideas and inspiration. Thanks for being YOU.....You are so talented.


Mostly a lurker, but I do occasionally comment. I know how much it means to me when someone comments on my blog, so I really do try to do so occasionally.


Hey Karen

I guess I am what you would call a lurker because I am somewhat shy. What do you think?

Julie Forslev

I'm a lurker for sure! Your sewing nest is a quilter's dream. Can't wait to see it all finished!


I'm a lurker. Ignorant of some of the requirements to comment on certain blogs.
Love what you do. I really love Pam Buda's new fabric.


I am a lurker at night and a commentor in the morning. I guess I am just too pooped to write at night.

Your nest is a dream come true. I will live vicariously thru you since I still sew in my dining room on the weekends.


Oh! That pattern has caught my eye on several market posts! Love it. I am mostly a lurker. I enjoy the inspiration from viewing other people's projects, and regularly add different things to my ongoing quilty bucket list.

Janet Wolken

I am a lurker for sure. I never comment on blogs but love to read the blogs for inspiration. Wish I didn't live so far away from you, so I could come and check our your new place when you are finished. Love reading what you write and all the pictures that you post.


I'm about 50/50 commenting and lurking. I always comment on the blogs of quilters I feel I have gotten to "know" - those who reply to their comments and those who comment on my blog. I usually lurk on designers' blogs and new to me blogs. What a lovely pattern and fabric! Thanks for the chance!

Sandy F

I am a lurker. Especially now that I can't fix the "no reply" part of the comments. Oh well.
Oooohhhh I do love the wall of wool. The pin money is pretty darn wonderful also. Have a great week.

Gillian Dempster

Definitely a lurker. I get a lot of inspiration from the talented blog people and love to find out that they are just like the rest of us, warts and all lol.

Shirley J B

Lurker. Love reading your blog-thanks for the chance to win!


Of course, I don't comment to every blog I read, but I comment from time to time and I'm sure I have commented on your blog in the past. Sometimes I just have to comment! I do love your blog and enjoy the show & tell with your peeps!


I do both. Depends on my time constraints as well as what eye candy or stories are happening in the bloggers post, leave that decision up to my heart. :)
Love all that space and just know that however much more work you have to do, it will be so worth it. Lucky you!!!!


I'm a lurker. I wish I could think of enough clever things to say on every blog I visit, but alas, I'm not that gifted, Beautiful set of fabrics! And your space is coming along beautifully.


Lurker. Just found your blog via pinterst. Love your style.


More of a lurker now due to lack of time unfortunately, but I will try to comment from time to time on favourites to let them know I really appreciate their inspiration. I have been a bad blogger recently and probably have no readers left if I did get back at it. Thanks for the chance to win such lovely fabrics and as always, you have me drooling!

May Britt

I am both :) Have my favorite blogs like yours to visit and comment, but there is many blogs I am just becoming a lurker, because like you I am visiting them late in the evening after coming home from work, I am tired and having spendt all time at work in front of the computer I am perhaps not in the mood to spend so much more time with the computer. I want to relax with some sewing.

Paulette Doyle

When the blog/quilts move me then I have to speak up and shout it to the world! But other than that, I LURK! I love all of Geoff's Mom's patterns...thanks for the chance!
Your new space REALLY moves me! Amazing... you lucky lady!!


I'm a commenter, because I know how much comments on my blog mean to me. When I first started blogging I got so many comments and thus made so many new friends world wide. After a year of two the comments dropped of, and now I get very few. They still mean a lot to me, so I'm sure they do to other bloggers also. So I let them know I'm there - reading what they write, oohing and aahing over their projects, and giving support of help if called for. Too many blog readers are lurkers. I know many people read my blog because the numbers go up and up, but I have no idea who they are. I sure wish I did.

Jan Woods=Trenkler

Definitely a "lurker". I feel I know you and enjoy all the adventures in quilting, cooking, decorating and even remodeling that you have. Love your delicious recipes with pictures, too.


I'm definitely a LURKER. Just love to read everyone's blogs and it keeps me up to date with what's happening in the craft world.

Gloria B

I am a lurker and an ocassional commenter. I don't always need the lure of a giveaway!

Today, I was struck that my sewing room is so much more like the unsorted area than the elegant, sorted area. And so much wool! I only have one small bundle bought for a pattern that I then gave to a friend!

Good luck with your building works. We had a small extension built 2 years ago but never had to resort to a porta-potty!


Your new sewing area is going to look fantastic when it is finished!
I am a lurker and a commenter but more of a lurker. I read my blogs in Google Reader so have to go open the blog up to comment and at the end of the day when I blogread I am just plain lazy LOL

Nancy Murphy

I'm a mostly a lurker. Love seeing what everyone is working on. Love you new nest. Nancy (aka Auntie Nan)

 Anne rickerby

I am a lurker and I just love your blog look forward to reading it every week. Your new room looks great. Anne


I'm a little bit of both, lurker and commenter. Depends on how the post strikes me! Your nest is looking awesome!


I'm a lurker while occasionally posting a comment or two. When I do comment it's because I feel like the blogger is talking to me!! And then I just have to jump in on the conversation! lol...Thanks for the giveaway. Love the pattern and the fabrics are wonderful!

Sharon Rhudy

I'm a lurker. I spend the evening looking and reading blogs, but I comment very little. It is a great way to learn things and relax.

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