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December 02, 2015



Glad you are back!!! Get well, same thing happening here.

I can't wait to see your new tree and decorated.

Working on our decorations today. Everything in slooooowwww motion. lol

Take care, Janie


Looks like you're off to a great start - I always look forward to seeing your home decorated for each holiday!


Hope are feeling much better soon! All of the decorations you shared are very festive. I'm loving the IG inspiration you all are sharing as well.


Love your decorations!
The fabric for the pillowcases are so cute and festive!
I always make homemade marshmallows around Easter, but never thought to make peppermint ones for Christmas, that sounds so good.
Poor Cami, I hope she heals quickly.
I will look for you on instagram. Mine is oldcrowhomestead


Everything is looking lovely Karen and that tree will be gorgeous once you add your magic touch to it. Poor little Cami...I hope she is better soon and you, too. Looking forward to the inspiration from all of you talented girls on Instagram.

vonda driver

I have the same little light up santa...I remember it from the 60's so yes it is an oldie but a goodie.


Everything in that post is wonderful. The marshmallows,yummmmmmmy
I love your new tree. It is going to be fabulous when you get it decorated. Pillowcases, what a great idea!
Little Cami, sweet as ever, even with a little boo-boo!


So sorry the bug bit you. Not a great time of year for that. Really enjoy your decorating inspiration. Love that new tree, can't wait to see it decorated. Happy Holidays to you:)

Anne Bryson

Those marshmallows look fabulous and floating in a cup of hot cocoa? Devine! Your skinny tree is perfect for that spot. We have one too but not quite so skinny. Must put it on a diet after the holidays! Love the fresh greenery in the jars. Perfection!


Was delighted to see you posted a blog, I almost missed it! Just kidding, enjoyed reading what you were up to over the past holiday weekend! Can't wait to see all your holiday decorations in place....and I hope your pup feels better soon!


I always look forward to your posts, your decorating is very inspiring. I was thinking about you and wondering if you got the Wish quilt pattern I made last year. The instructions needed updating and organizing which I hope is now correct. My top is still a flimsy but I hope to quilt it soon in time for Christmas. I've been following along on Instagram. Love it!!!


Glad you have turned the torner! We all have the crud too!
Poor Cami. Ouch!
XO Kris


YOU are a decorating machine! It all looks so gorgeous Ms. Farmhouse -- I wish I could see it in person. I love your little Santa -- I have one too, although mine isn't out yet -- probably tomorrow. Just. Not. Enough. Time!

Shannon Phelps

Hello, I stumbled across your wonderful blog! I especially loved the tour that you posted of your fall/pumpkin little quilts on November 28. I was wondering if you could direct me to where I could find patterns like these? Do you have a favorite pattern company or where these from magazines? I would love to make some for my own home.
Thank you,

Shelia Burns

Your posts and Cottons'n Wool are two posts that I read the most. I also have one of those Santa's. It was my mothers. And I do remember the dime stores. Went shopping at G. C. Murphy's or The Ben Franklin store many times. Keep the blogs coming.


Bari Jo

Love this skinny tree! Would love to find one like it - do you know where I could find one? Also, love the quilt on the chair - the zig zag - looks like it was made with rectangles - do you have a pattern source for this also? Thanks so much! Love looking at all your pretty pictures for inspiration! Merry Christmas!

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