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January 21, 2016



Great snowmen Mine stay out until spring. You have a beautiful family.

Mrs Sweetpple

Looks great Miss P.! Cant's wait to see some of your finished projects and works in progress.


That was a fun post. Happy Birthday to your son. We got married the same year, and we too have a 34 year old, as well as a 32, and a 26 almost 27!
Looks so cozy in the farmhouse!!
XO Kris


Love all the snowmen but the story of your family history warms the heart...time does fly💕


love the pics, Karen, thanks for sharing


So much eye candy in your post! I love all your winter decorations - so fun to display that little hooked rug INside the cupboard!

Paulette Doyle

OMGosh...I need to go over this post again as there was just too much eye candy for this sweet tooth!!
Lovely 'stuff'...and I do mean that in a GOOD way! :o)))


Great story about the baby. Good thing we didn't know what to do!! lol
Absolutely love every snowman!!


Beautiful snowmen and beautiful family, Karen. The quilting projects look great, too. Hope you are staying warm and the power is staying on and happy birthday to the Farmhouse son!


We never forget the day our babies were born. I agree a year of finishing is going to take place. Love the Heart banner. Buttermilk Basin's new free block is adorable. Might have to jump in on that one. As always your decorations are fun to see.

Anne Bryson

I'm finally on my computer so can comment. Silly phone! Happy Birthday to numberoneson! Love the weather/birth story. Kinda scary to be at home with your first baby in a snowstorm. You are really on a roll with your projects. Way to go. Love each and every snowman. Maybe I should rethink leaving them out? naaaaa, it won't ever happen!

Julie Butler

You have a beautiful family. Love all your photos! I looked at the snowman and thought that looks familiar. LOL! That one was fun to hook and I love the way you displayed it. Stay warm!


All of your snowmen are so cute I would be leaving them up all winter! And I was so excited to get one of your Kindness matters kits! I've made 4 of those patterns and love them. Beautiful picture of your son and his family.


Everything is so cozy. Love.It.All. Might you share where you got the lantern set up...so cute!


Love your post Karen as well as all of your others. The cutest decor ever. And what a beautiful family you have. Aren't grandchildren wonderful? You give me incentive to get my UFO's completed and move on to something new.


Love all your snowmen displays - I honestly am thinking about taking mine down except not sure when I will have the time...too busy doing nothin'!!! But I am working on this & that so someday I will see a finish, so for now I will enjoy yours!!!


Wow -- that must've been a little scary to lose power with a brand-spankin' new baby! It doesn't seem to have stunted his growth LOL! Love all those cute snowmen -- as always, your home looks wonderful. And, oh, that Stonefields quilt -- the temptation!!!

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