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January 13, 2016


Anne Bryson

Dang, I love that first quilt. Have to work on finishing some others first tho. It's so hard...... Love you word..Might have to adopt it myself. It's definitely the "year of the finish" for me!


I hear you on the computer thing, it's a love hate relationship with me. The Christmas quilt is a fantastic finish. There will be many more for you this year. I'm looking forward to the same. Your word is very inspiring.


Your quilts are adorable! Can you please come to my life, do the reflection, and come up with my goals LOL? Good Luck with your goals - I'm looking forward to going along on your journey -- it's always fun!

Donna Keller

I LOVE your quilts and look forward to seeing the one for next year when it's completed. Your goals sound exactly like mine, all the way down to the tasks in each room. I haven't started working on any of mine yet though.

May Your Day be Creative and Bright,


Wonderful pic in your header, Karen! Good luck with your new computer. We have always had Macs so thank goodness there is not much of a learning curve when we have to get a new one as they make everything look the same. Your Comfort and Joy is looking great...I especially love that snowman block.


You quilts always have a lovely WOW factor. I look forward to the photos of all the tweaks you do to your home since decorating is not in my bag of tricks. My word for the year is "kindness" good luck on the tech stuff...have you tried rebooting, LOL


All of your quilts are stunning! I hope to do a lot more quilting this year! I got caught up in that Lori Holt sew along last Christmas, and then the Vintage Farm sew along recently. But I sit here I my sewing room looking at all of those blocks....and I will never put them together. Why? Because they were not done in my colors. Had I done them in the colors I live with in my home, I would have loved them. But noooooo, I had to try something different.
so, on to other things.
Happy day Karen!
xo Kris


Love your post and your word for 2016. I think that is a good word for me too. Can't wait to see your tweaks. I too have some things in mind for our home, lots of tweaking, maybe that should be my word for this year:)

Happy New Year!!


Enjoyed reading your post today Karen, it actually made me laugh! I love, LOVE all your Christmas quilts, they are wonderful - and I'm totally with you on working on some finishes for 2016!~

Happy Sewing!

Sharon B.

Love these quilts! I guess I'll have to add the Christmas Garden one to my list of must stitch... accomplish is a great word for this year!


thanks for the name of the quilt from Farmhouse Threads,I do like their patterns. Good luck with your accomplishments.
there are just so many things I want to do and hopefully this is the year Thank you for your inspiration.


I am not a sewer nor a quilter. I am looking at your quilt "Merry Christmas Garden" and am amazed by all the intricate detail. Did you do all that yourself? Your talent is amazing.

I have been reading you blog for some time, miss your posting of recipes because I have gotten some good ones from your site.

I hope your New Years resolution come to fruition this year and wishing you good health and happiness.

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