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January 28, 2016


Mrs Sweetpple

Can't wait to see those rabbits come together at retreat....no pressure, though!


Wow! It January has been a really busy month for you! Post is super great! That Hawaiian Ham Sandwiches look so yummy, they definitely make me droll! Could you please be so kind to share a recipe? Thank you in advance!


What a funny story about the teapot! I love all the cottage creek designs. I've made several as well as Sweet Liberty. Have fun on your retreat. I just went to my first and I'm already thinking about next year! So much fun!! How is Miss Cami? I think she's around the age of my oldest Doxie who will be 15 in a couple of weeks.


Loving all your projects.... But especially the rabbits from Bunny Hill...they're the best.


Wow, Karen, your embroidery is exquisite and your red and cream fabrics are fabulous. Do you put some kind of stabilizer or interfacing on the fabrics for the embroidery? Can't wait to see this quilt finished. Love all your projects. A winter retreat sounds like a wonderful idea and we will all be looking forward to seeing pics from that! I think you have accomplished quite a bit by the look of the pics in this post. Have fun on your retreat.


Wow you sure can pack a lot in one post. Love the teapot story and the names for the littles is so sweet. The watering can banner is going to be fantastic. Picked up my wool package yesterday and I'm just swooning at the lovely rich wool and cotton. More later, gotta run to work.


Hi Karen! Had to laugh at the teapot on the shelf. Reminds me of the old popper toy!!! Didn't every parent hate that thing?
So much fun for the gals to come sew at your nest! Do you sew with them too, or just fix the delicious food?
I told you about doing the Lori Holt thing. Bought the last couple of books, tons of fabric, and did the Christmas quilt. I had so much fun doing it. But now, I don't really know what to do with all of the blocks, because like you, it is not what I usually work with. Although, I do love the happy and fresh colors. I am loving seeing those flowers all over blogs and IG. I may even do a few.
XO Kris

Sue H

Can't wait to see your completed redwork quilt! It looks adorable from what I could see. Have a great retreat! We all need it now & again.


Hi Karen, where did you find the cute black shelf with the scalloped edge and 2 drawers? Also, are you selling anything on line. Not sure where to go. LOVE the blogs and the pics of your decorating. Juel

Virginia Judd


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Virginia Judd
Legal Editor
National Institute for Trial Advocacy
1685 38th Street
Boulder CO 80301-2735
M: 440.570.8511
Email: vjudd@nita.org

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