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May 17, 2016



I hope you have a wonderful time at Market - sounds like it would be a blast! I love love love love your stash of wool, that would be so much fun to play in! I wish I lived closer, I would be interested in attending, but I may have to follow along long distance...Have fun shopping $$$$ at Market!

Paulette Doyle

I always enjoy seeing your quilts hanging!! BUT that wool WALL had me salivating and I have to say...I made a terrible mess on my keyboard...there should have been a warning...like TOWEL NEEDED!! Be still my heart! Have fun and I'll be checking IG regularly!! :o)))I'll keep my towel handy!


Our weather here in Utah will be a bit unsettled during your visit, but I hope you are still able to enjoy your visit. I live in a wonderful place! Love seeing your wool so nicely organized. Since 95% of my stash comes from thrift store clothing, all the pieces are odd shapes and I can never get them folded uniformly to look as nice as yours. But I guess the $$$ savings is worth the mess. LOL

Karen M

Are you able to share the pattern name of your 9 patch/churndash? Love it!


love the quilt above the little table, Karen. Is it a Kim Diehl or something else? The different fabric in the corners make it unique

have fun in SLC



Would like to know the name of the pattern for the quilt above the table.


Love your posts and look forward to them. Really admiring the cute quilt in your mud room. May I ask what that pattern is? Or is it your own design? The wool looks wonderful and I will be anxious to see what you have in the way of kits in your Etsy shop. I recently finished a wool appliqué (Buttermilk Basin) and really enjoyed it and would like to do more small things. I only have difficulty finding frames. I live north of SLC and the weather is windy and rainy. But we love it that way. Enjoy your time at market.

Anne Rickerby

I love to hear all that is going on, I love all the wool wall hanger and of course your lovely quilts. Have a great time at market.
Thank you Anne


Wow -- look at all that wool -- you must've been busy in the last year to make that mess -- it didn't look like that when I was there ROFLOL!!! I'm definitely interested in the sewing days -- too bad I live so $#@&*&*& far away!!! ;-D

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