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May 04, 2016



Hello! Glad you are up and posting! Looks like a beautiful trip :o)


Hellloooo!! Good to hear from you. Love the pictures and I would say the little ones had a blast.


I was following along on Instagram so I knew you were out enjoying life!

Welcome back, all the same.


Always enjoy...


Glad you are back. Love your blog.



Always love it when you blog; I am not an Instagram kind of gal.

The grands are getting so big! Glad you love every minute with them.

Hope to see soon what the Woolies are up to!

Sue H

Welcome home & welcome back to your blog! You have been missed!


Wow -- the babies are getting SO big! I can't believe it's been so long since you went to FL -- it seems like just last week. Time is flying by and I don't like it!!! Can't wait to see you SOON!!! ;-D


Glory bee, Dolly and I were beginning to believe you either fell in or fell off . . . the world. It's so good to hear from you and of course see pictures of those beautiful grand darlin's. My how they've grown!


So glad that you are back to blogging! I miss your posts about decorating, recipes and quilts!

Kathy Upton

So glad to see you're well and happy and BACK! lol...I've missed your posts...and will admit I've become lax about checking in to see if you'd posted. I'll rectify that immediately! The grandlittles are adorable...I didn't recognize them. My own change from month to month. Welcome home.

Pam Kleinhenz

Welcome back!!! Missed your blogs and stitching projects.SOO glad all is well!!!



Welcome Back - how fun to see you posted something (I must say I was getting tired of seeing a picture of fattening food for so long, I think it added pounds on me every time I saw it! hehe!).
Your pictures are wonderful, I can't believe how much those Grandkids have grown! Aren't you ready for another vacation - I know I am...I was just wishing that! Hope to see you here again soon - Tammy


Looks like a wonderful and relaxing time!!!! I enjoyed your IG pics too!
xo Kris

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