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August 20, 2019



Yes, I do! Hope you’re back for good. I’ve missed your postings.

Karen N.

Yes!! Always look forward to your posts!! =:)


Yes,and yours was one of the best!! Have really missed it. I hope you plan to continue.

Carolyn Worthington

Yes, I do! I was thrilled to see your blog is active again.

Nancy Watkins

YES! And I miss yours!

Sue Henningsen

Yes, Please post and let us know what you are up to.


Yes, I always love your post. I miss all your wonderful decorations!

Pamela Thorne

Yes! I've always loved your blog and reading about your decorating and the beauties you make. Glad to see you back!


I love reading blogs. Yours has been missed!


Yes ! I do read blogs and enjoy yours.


I do when I can, not many people seem to be writing them these days.


Yes but sadly a lot are no longer blogging!

Sue H

YES!!! Every morning!

Christi Broshar

Yes! Loved yours the most!

Joan M

Yes, I read blogs and I hope you're back.


Yes! Yes! Please come back. I always loved your posts. You can catch us up on whats been happening with you.

Deborah Lindgren

Yes! Miss seeing your beautiful projects!

Patricia Boyle

Glad to see you back.

Little Penpen

Yes!! And I miss you terribly!

Jane Hebert

Yes, I have been hoping you would come back!!!
You have been missed. Love your projects and posts of your home.

Enjoy your day, Janie


Yes! I especially love the quilty/crafty blogs.


I do!

Becky Turner

yep...when people post...

Phyllis R Limiero

YES!! I read them everyday as part of my morning start to a full day.


Yes!and I love your blog


I do the good ones!! So yours will be on my list. Just not many left that I do read.

Anne Bryson

I don’t really read them much anymore but I’d make yours the exception! I’ve missed you. By the way, I love the picture!

barbara woods


Karen Beigh

Yes, very much so. So much more info than you can include on Instagram with any ease.

Mary L

Yes! And I'll bet 100% of us love a blog without ads. Hope you are thinking of blogging again although I do follow you on Instagram.


Yes I love reading blogs still......😀


Yes, and I have missed yours terribly! Hope you are back for good!! On this one?


Defiantly!! Have so missed reading your blog.


Yes, I have loved your blog for years!

Kimberly French

Yes! And I miss seeing your seasonal decorations and recipes!! Please don’t “break up” with us! Haha!!

Michelle Christopherson

You bet we do! I check on you every once in a while to see if you are back. It is a lot of work to keep up a blog - I know I have a hard time on mine. Look at your stat page and you will be able to see how many views a day etc. It always surprises me!

Glenda Heath

I do - and so enjoy them and especially yours!

Connie Thorne

Saw this by accident. I sure miss your blogs. Loved the pictures of your decor and your trips! Happy Autumn:)

Kathy Upton

Yes, I still do...and I miss your posts...I periodically check online for new posts...there are several "my yellow farmhouse" sites...none quite like yours.

Shelia Burns


I look every so often to see if you got on your blog. I do read them, and really enjoy them more than instagram. Wish you would start again.


Jody Randall

Yes!!!! I'm another who used to read your blog.

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